This page outlines the rules and guidelines which users should follow.


Section 1: You must:

1. Refrain from adding third-party or irrelevant content.

2. Follow Wikia's Terms of Use.

3. Understand that all contributions are released under the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license, unless otherwise noted.

4. Comply with any other copyright or content licenses from other websites.

5. Comply with any and all staff directions.

Section 2: You must not:

1. Vandalize any pages. This includes:

a. Articles
b. Forums
c. Categories
d. Comments
e. User pages

3. Remove any content from a page unless it is unnecessary, doesn't contribute to the information on the page or the flow of discussion.

4. Intimidate, harass, bully, disrespect, discriminate or annoy other users.

5. Engage in "point grinding"; creating unnecessary pages/messages/categories to earn achievements, and in turn, earning a higher spot on the leaderboard.

6. Engage in sock puppetry; i.e. using alternate accounts to try to get around your ban.

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