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  • General
  • Blocks/Items
    • Boats
      • Larger in size.
      • Crafting recipe may require 5 logs rather than Wooden planks.
      • Will not be destroyed when encountering a lily pad.
      • Has an interface.
      • Can sprint in boats.
      • Version exclusive: Can support two riders, including passive mobs.
        • Have passive mobs, including Villagers, ride without the player being in the same boat.
      • Version exclusive: Color variations from all six wood types.
    • Version exclusive: Paddles
      • Required to move boats.
      • Color variations from all six wood types
      • Can be used without holding.
    • Pressed Dirt
      • Dirt path blocks that are lower than normal blocks
      • May replace the gravel paths in villages.
    • Fishing Rods
    • Food
  • Mobs
  • Skinsapplied by:
    • Selecting between 'Steve' and 'Alex' models
    • Selecting a file
    • Skin packs
  • Alex and 3-Pixel arm model.
  • Options
    • Permanent daytime option.
    • Switching gamemode option.
    • Infinite world option for old type worlds.
    • Rename world option.
  • Status effects (Potions won't be added until the Nether is added.)
    • Jump boost
    • Speed
    • Resistance
    • Poison
  • Inventory/GUI:


  • Moved the Edit button in the world selection menu from the top right corner to the side of each world, along with a new icon
  • External button now appears when tapping New rather than Edit.
  • Added hat layer of pigmen heads, like the PC version
  • Mineshafts will have cave spider spawners
  • Custom kick and ban messages.
  • Colored, bold, and italic text in chat and on signs.

Bug fixes

  • Water no longer gets stuck when you exit your world.
  • Chat now creates more lines for a single phrase if long enough

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